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About Amy

Amy Landgraf is not just any ordinary children’s book author, she’s a pea-loving, road-tripping, adventure-seeking wordsmith who never thought a pumpkin seed would change her life!

Get ready to meet the creative mastermind behind the Rollie Pollie Pea™ series – none other than Amy Landgraf. This UCLA grad has a storied background in the publishing world, bringing her skills in sales and marketing to top names like Time, Inc., The Washington Post Company, and Lonely Planet. But her real passion lies in writing children’s books that bring joy and laughter to the little one’s in our lives.

During the pandemic, when homeschooling her three little ones became a daily task, she finally got her chance to bring her dream to life. It all started with a tiny seedling…a pumpkin seed, to be exact. Amy and her family were inspired by their lovely neighbor’s annual pumpkin growing contest, which brought the community together and taught them that change can bring growth, opportunities and fulfill dreams. And thus, the family’s garden and love for peas grew. Not only did her kids learn where their food comes from (hint: not a cardboard box), but they even started eating what they grew – especially the peas.

But as we all know, eating peas isn’t always easy – especially when they roll all over the floor, as they inevitably do in Amy’s house. Inspired by the giggles and grins of her youngest, Amy couldn’t hold back the hilarious shout of “Rollie Pollie Peas are everywhere.” And that’s how this charming character, Rollie Pollie Pea™ was born and became the star of her picture books.

When she’s not weaving tales of adventure, you can find Amy substitute teaching, volunteering in her children’s classrooms, road-tripping in their adventure van, or, of course, tending to their garden. So buckle up, grab a handful of peas, and get ready for a wild ride with Amy Landgraf, the pumpkin-seed planting, pea-loving, children’s book author extraordinaire!